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We believe in empowering our community with the knowledge to live life to their fullest. With that in mind, Dr. Paul Grimm and the team at Chiropractic Health Clinic in Merritt Island host FREE WELLNESS TALKS that are open to the public. These Free Wellness Talks bring you practical information on a diverse range of topics meant to inspire various lifestyle changes that will ultimately lead you to optimal health.

Wellness Talks Available at Our Practice Include:

Women’s Health Wellness Talk

Three-time Olympic Gold medalist Misty May-Treanor has helped us design this female focused workshop. At this workshop, you will learn how to extend your longevity and elevate your knowledge of women’s health based on her celebrated Olympic lifestyle! The Wellness Champions have adopted the exact principles that allowed Misty to dominate her sport for so many years and have tailored them to make them applicable for “Corporate Athletes.” Unlike elite athletes like Misty, “Corporate Athletes” are not given an off-season to rest and recover. They are expected to perform at their highest level day in and day out for decades. Our gift to you at our Women’s Health Workshop will be effective techniques to help manage durability and endurance, as well as assistance in looking and feeling younger! Learn how women can perform at an Olympic level in their daily lives!

Stress Wellness Talk (Our Most Popular Lecture)

Stress is known as the “silent killer” and is the number one trigger to a heart attack! Heart attacks kill more Americans in the United States than any other disease. In addition to physical health risks, stress affects job performances, focus, and overall mood. Learn how to avoid these negative consequences altogether with this life changing lecture.

Healthy Living to 100 Wellness Talk

In the “Healthy Living to 100” workshop, you will learn how individuals are living longer with considerably improved qualities of life. During this workshop, the Wellness Champions will share techniques that are used by professional athletes and make them relevant and applicable to “Corporate Athletes” like you! This is our FAVORITE workshop!

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